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Why is my fiverr funds showing -$5

Hi I took advantage of a fiverr email offer which offered me an extra $5 is I purchased something on fiverr within a set date, I met this date and received my extra $5 which I used. Now my available funds are showing -$5, just wondering why this is. Thanks

The special offers by Fiverr (usually Buy x, get $5) result in a $5 credit to your account at a later date (usually 2 weeks, I think). First make sure that the purchase you made using your credit really was for $5, not $10. It sounds like your account was incorrectly credited or incorrectly subtracted, or perhaps some other issue came up. Your best bet to resolve this is to file a report with Customer Service, explaining you were using the email offer, listing the purchases you made by order number (#FO…), and the situation with the credit showing up, being used, then disappearing.

You should not have a “negative amount” in your credit, since Fiverr normally ignores your credit if you don’t have enough to cover a purchase, and charges your Paypal account for the whole amount. (In other words, they don’t use Fiverr credit to partially pay for orders, then get the rest elsewhere).