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Why is my Fiverr Gig repeatedly rejected?

Hi, I am trying to create my first gig, but it kept auto-rejecting my gig, citing Violation of TOS policies. Argh, the bot!

I don’t understand where I went wrong? I use all license-free photos from unsplash, and I’m fairly certain my description does not mention anything that is misleading.

Appreciate deeply if anyone can help. Thank you so much.


Check this out:

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I have read that and went through this exactly when creating my gig.

So I really don’t know what exactly was being violated?

Is there some word that I am not supposed to use in my description?

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What exactly did the message say regarding the TOS violation?

Just says this :

Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig edit proofread and publish your medium blog post or article due to the following reason/s:

** General TOS violation*

Maybe it is the word publish.

ok thanks. let me try now and confirm. This is crazy… Botttsss … hahaha

and it failed again.

Just say General TOS violation.

I think it has to do with the image you are using from unsplash and their licence.

Some people use canva for their gig image.

AHH… ok. yes i am using canva to design. and using unsplash photos. but arent all unsplash photos license-free?

hmmm… let me try this now.

sorry, I mean I am using canva to design.


Only use images, videos, audio or other content fully owned by you. The media you use may also include samples of your work.

Note: Do not use copyrighted images, otherwise your Gig will be removed. Do not provide any personal contact information in any of your media content.

The above is from here:

Will leave this with you.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I give up for now.

I upload my own photo of my own face, and pare down a lot of words. And still get rejected automatically. Don’t understand what the bot is asking.