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Why is my Fiverr showing

Does anybody know why when I visit my website is showing the domain as I’m hesitant to do anything because I’m not certain that I’m on a safe website. Can anybody advise me on this?

Dunno how it happened. I cleared my cookies and my cache and the correct website is showing.

It’s safe, I’m in the uk and it’s always maybe you are using a browser extensions like hula which lets you browse from different countries for netflix and etc

something is wrong with the domain I can only access it using Opera, and get this

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Firefox and Chrome always redirect me to the uk. one.

you need to logout fiverr and open again and go on footer where you choose your country or fiverr location

That change often happens when you search for something related to Fiverr in Google. The links listed in the search result maybe from Fiverr UK, US, Spain… and if you click on any of those, your Fiverr localization automatically changes to that one, until you choose ENGLISH again on the footer select box, to change the localization to the right one.