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Why is my gig decreasing?

Hello everyone! I opened my account on March. I saw Fiverr when we entered to quarantine. I started to search for online jobs. And i saw this site. I received my first order on June . And now totally I completed 9 order. But one of my gig’s impression is decreasing day by day. I don’t know why.It can be because of I always send custom offer from inbox to buyers? Can you help me about this problem?


The gigs work in rotation so sometimes your gig will be up and sometimes it’ll be down. Every seller faces this including the most successful ones. What you can and need to do to possibly change this is deliver orders and deliver orders fast/in quick succession. I’ve found that the algorithm works on momentum. The more orders you deliver, the more it pushes you up. If you go for a few days without orders, the algorithm will probably start showing you less and less (since it’ll push others who are consistently making the platform money instead of you). I say possibly everywhere because no one knows exactly knows how the algorithm works, but I’ve done enough expirements with it and tracked stats to know the above is true at least in my limited experience. Good luck!

Thank you so much for this information! At least i’m not the only one whose gigs are decreasing.