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Why Is My Gig Image Messed Up?

I recently added a video to my Fiverr and made sure to set a thumbnail. But… I stopped getting orders. So I searched for my gig and this is what it looks like in the search:

On the other hand, on the gig, it looks like this with the thumbnail:

Why is this? Did I do something wrong or how can I change this to fix it? Please let me know… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Probably because the image showing in the search was showing the default frame from the video before you’d changed it to the thumbnail frame you wanted. After a while the thumbnail in the search index will get updated with what you chose.


It’s been 24 hours. How long does this take?

When I search for the title of your gig it shows the correct thumbnail image. Maybe you just need to refresh the page (eg. Ctrl F5).

OK thanks, I’ll try.

Yeah, its still showing the wrong image.

It’s probably a caching issue. It might go correct after a while. If not you could contact CS.
Maybe you changed the image a couple of times.

It’s showing me the correct yellow “Conduct a Patent Search” image for the Amazon patent search in Chrome, but on Firefox (not logged in) it’s showing like a grey 35mm film strip icon. The same with IE.

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Oh, I’m using Safari, so maybe it’s browser dependent? I contacted CS, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Wow! It’s possible for people to see different gig thumbnails depending on the browser they’re using? :flushed: That shouldn’t even be possible. That doesn’t make sense. :man_facepalming:

It’s absolutely possible if it’s a caching issue and it does make sense. Please Google caching and you’ll see how it works. Files can be retained and changing them on your end doesn’t necessarily remove/replace all the files everywhere. So there can be discrepancies and delays in updates.

There’s a big misconception that if you update something on the user end, that it is guaranteed to change everywhere and all at the same time. It typically doesn’t work that way unless caching isn’t present or the program is set to clear the cache upon a user change.