Why is my gig not searchable?


This is really disappointing considering how much time and effort went into making an intro video for it and how I had to chop it down to the 30 second time limit, and yet it can’t be found unless you are already on my page. I feel like I have another flop of a gig on my hands.

Here’s the gig I’m referring to: http://fiverr.com/destini/draw-your-head-on-an-animal-body

I haven’t checked all my gigs to make sure they can be seen in the search, but I know I’ve seen a couple in the recent category when I had first put them up. But with this one, nothing.

Sorry to be whiny, but that’s what this Ranting Pot is here for isn’t it? x)

I know other people have had this same issue. Does anyone know why this happens?


Welcome to Fiverr and we are glad you are here. Everything takes time and I am sure that is what is going on. I would contact Customer Support and ask them if they are showing your gig in the search feature. Good luck


Reply to @tn5rr2012:

Thank you!


The search function is fundamentally wacky. Depending on the search term (and some other apparently unrelated weirdness with Fiverr) sometimes my gigs will show up sometimes they don’t. If I search my username “itsyourthing” only three of my four gigs will turn up. Of course the missing one is my “million dollar gig” gig. I don’t know if that’s coincidence or censorship on behalf of Fiverr, but either way, don’t worry. Search is just fickle. :slight_smile:


wacky? i think all gigs should appear in the results sorry

there are so many people having this issue please have it solved, thank you


Reply to @proservice: I agree with you 100%. But it’s Fiverr’s playground and if they want to ensure everyone ‘gets a turn’ by having a seemingly random search function, that’s their prerogative, unfortunately.


Fiverr SEARCH problem may be fixed. Please check my thread for more details.



Reply to @arnevb: I realize now that only 1 of my 7 gigs are shown as active in the gray bar! Just contacted customer support.



Wow, that’s pretty awful. I hope it gets resolved for you!



Reply to @happy_space: Oh man, that’s not cool…I’m still not sure what’s going on with mine since support hasn’t answered yet.


Reply to @arnevb: I wasn’t trying to complain or anything. I know they are busy people! :slight_smile:





Reply to @happy_space: Yeah, I just read that. I’m sorry you’re having to make a tough decision now. I honestly wish I had some advice, but I’m looking at the same options as you right now. On one hand, I understand that the point of the Fiverr™ service is to provide a potentially high profile to freelancers who might not be able to get any attention on their own. On the other hand, if Fiverr™ is so busy ‘playing all the angles’ they can to maximize their profit (which is absolutely their right) by juggling, manipulating and shifting the mechanics of how sellers are ‘promoted’, there are huge chunks of time when there really is no reason to be here. They only seem to see the 20% commission as pertaining to each specific sale of a gig™ - essentially, “they” got you the sale, “they” earn 20% on that sale, otherwise there is no inferred relationship to help a seller succeed in the broader spectrum. I know it’s basic - they can’t actively promote EVERYONE consistently - they need to keep the new folks enthusiastic enough to stick around and they also need to throw a bone to the ‘older’ sellers (especially the ones who have likely built up a big enough client base to move out on their own). I’m just not sure if it’s worth dealing with the random juggling. (Not to mention how time-consuming it is to almost constantly have to trawl the forum or contact Customer Service to get some ambiguity explained, or find out why some functions only work some of the time.

In fact, lately it seems to me that even the forum is subject to the above mentioned “manipulation”. I have what is the sixth most popular post on the forum (it had been the fourth for about 5 weeks) and it displayed on the first page for those same weeks. Despite still being a very active thread, it suddenly shows up on the fifth page (unless it’s ordered by popularity) and for some totally unknown reason it says the most recent comment was on the 19th - there are comments from yesterday (the 25). In short, It looks like it was intentionally buried.

Again, it’s down to their operations model. You simply have to decide if you’re happy enough to maybe or maybe not get a boost every once in awhile.

I’m sorry for going on so much. I guess I’m just hoping someone will have some genuine answers about things if they have enough information.

At the end of the day, I already know ‘the score’. I ust keep hoping anyway. :slight_smile:

Sorry for semi-bogarting your thread.


I am finding it varying up and down like crazy, my two best selling gigs that averaged a sale a day now barely make one a week in one case, and probably two a month in another. A clear policy would help, because I’m at the ‘why bother anymore’ stage, and yet I know from feedback that my gigs are well liked. I’ve had one customer go from $8 a month in adsense income to $200 a day following my work (Yes you all did read that correctly) - does anyone think that customer is not happy?


Reply to @gyoveg: I don’t think there will be a “clear policy” for quite some time - if ever. Fiverr ™ is growing way too quickly and if they make anything ‘carved in stone’ while they are still figuring out how to operate, they’ll just have to keep changing things anyway. It’s easier to have Customer Service deal with case-by-case issues (as the legal department catches up) than to rewrite the Terms of Service a few times a day. In essence, they’re ‘winging it’.



Reply to @happy_space: You’re very welcome and I’m glad you made your decision. All the best for your future!