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Why is my gig not showing up?

Alright guys, so first take a look at my gig (link below). Alright so I am a new fiverr seller. As you can tell by looking at my gig, that my video editing skills aint bad (weird flex but ok) but there is a problem! My gigs aint showing up to people ie. not getting many impressions views, clicks and orders etc. My pricing is dirt cheap, my gig tags, description etc is good and the gallery is cool too but still no help. Suggest me how can I improve my gig so that it shows on the first page or something!!
Link to gig


Seems like youve joined like a month back?

The freelacing market is getting saturated by the moment.

Try marketing your gigs through social media/blogs in order to generate some traffic

And I want to have a penthouse in Manhattan :woman_shrugging:

We can not fulfil your “wishes”, it’s YOUR business and YOU need to work on it. I don’t mean sitting and waiting for orders to come through but also connect with your target audience and do proper marketing. Nothing is achieved by just waiting.

Your gigs actually very confusing and not structured and I’m sure people still don’t know what they will be getting in your gig.

In your description you are saying that you are providing 999999 minutes of footage. Are you serious?

You are also saying in your description this
“ * Please read the description carefully before ordering because we can’t cancel any order placed by mistake, and choose the best package for your brand or business”
(Which is the biggest part of your gig description actually)
And this is all you have in your gig description

What exactly people need to read carefully? The part where you are saying that give money back guarantee? Because I don’t see any description of your actual service and what people would get or how the process works.

You seriously need to work on your gigs.