Why is my gig not shown in search?


Hey everyone! :wink:
I’m new to Fiverr (joined few days ago) and I am excited you be here, to join this community! I also created my first gig and have some questions: :slight_smile:
I did my research so I followed all steps for good start (high demand, offer something more than others as I’m new here and without reviews, interesting description, etc.), but it seems that my gig don’t receive much attention. I know I’m in crowded niche, but still… Even if I logout and search for my keywords, search don’t find my offer (I checked from first to last page multiple times).

Can anyone help? Maybe check for himself if he can see my offer?
Also any advice for my gig/profile improvement is always welcome! :slight_smile:
Thanks and have a nice day!


I am not exactly sure how it works but it takes a couple of days for your gig to show in the search results. Just market your gig on social media and send offers on the job requests page


i have some tips for you try to stay online as much as you can, use buyer request and write proposals properly by addressing buyer concern. use proper tags for this you can check your competitors gigs tags at the bottom of their gigs. Add complete 7 gigs. Hope this will help in your ranking.


Thank you both for your replies. :slight_smile:
It’s works weird :stuck_out_tongue: , my gig is online for 5 days now, and I get some views and clicks, but in search it’s no where to find. :slight_smile: