Why is my gig page not showing from the list of the sellers?


Hi everyone,

I’m new on Fiverr and try to always improve my gig in order to get buyers. Out of curiosity to see how my gig appears on the list of sellers for proofreading and editing service, I searched and searched but did not see my gig page at all, while my gig status is still active. Does anyone know what happened?or what do I need to do to appear on the sellers page for buyers to even see my service? Thanks


Please communicate with Fiverr Support for resolution to your issue:


I will do that right away! Thanks djgodknows!


You got it!
and Good Luck :thumbsup:


If you mean you can’t locate it on search, that’s normal. Apparently, it will depend on volume of sales, keywords used in your gig, and possibly other factors.

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Thanks for your response! If new sellers need a particular volume of sales before showing on the list, then I think it’s unfair. How will they make a sale or sales if no buyers even see the service they offer? I think keywords used might be among the other factors… I will improve on that.Thanks once again.


I’m in the boat with you. I don’t make sales from people finding me. All of my sales come from using Buyer Requests section of the website. People post up jobs in your gig’s category, and you can respond to them with your gig and a small sales pitch. It’s worked for me - really it’s the only thing that has brought me sales. I’ve had maybe 3-4 orders from people finding me, and that was way later on after I had 40 some reviews.

It’s hard, but you can do it. Spiff your gig up and make it professional. People respond to professionalism.


That sounds good then! I do actually check buyer requests but usually filled with sellers; advertising their service(s). Your testimony is inspiring. Thanks for your words of encouragement!


People often complain about the sellers in Buyer Requests, and it’s true that they are an annoyance. The same number of buyers would be there even if they were gone, though, so just ignore the sellers and keep bidding until you’ve hit 10 or have run out of offers in your best skillsets. :slight_smile:


Hi! I don’t know that it makes a difference, but I noticed that the first gig on your Profile page is actually listed under “Writing & Translation / Translation”, so perhaps changing its category would help?


Thanks for your good advice!


Thanks for catching that! I will rectify it now.