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Why is My Gig Request - Unapproved

I’ve had two gigs marked as “Unapproved” with no explanation. I contacted Customer Service with no reply. Here’s what I asked for, any thoughts as to why it’s Unapproved?

“I need data research to compile a list of spas, gift shops, and natural food stores in my area.”

Is there a list of dos & don’ts for requesting a gig? I cannot find one anywhere.

I finally got a response from CS about my this (took 4 days for them to respond)! They said I should be less specific in my request and suggested: “I’m looking for some web research, or virtual assistant help to compile a mailing list”.


Yet the email a person gets indicates that you may NOT have provided ENOUGH information! My second request simply says, “Format a document. See instructions and sample attached. Files will be provided upon agreement.” WTF…
Maybe I’ll try not attaching a document… :frowning:

Oh… and the post request instructions say, “Describe the service you’re looking for - please be as detailed as possible:”

Good news! I sent a very simple request and it was approved!