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Why is my Gig showing 3 days Average Delivery when it is a 2hrs Delivery gig


My gig is showing 3 days average delivery on the gig analytics even though it is a 24hrs Deliver gig. Whats wrong, I even noticed my gig values are so down. I have never hard a late delivery. I have always delivered on time.


Do buyers ever request modification?

Are you sure you aren’t looking at your response rate or order completion rate?

You can ask support, maybe it’s a bug :slight_smile:


In an average of 10 orders I can get two modification request. My response rate is 100, complete rate is 93 due the fact that a buyer made a mistake with over so many request and I had to cancel. Its been over three weeks that happened though. I also have a 97% rate. I had 14 impressions and it just jumped to 9K impression within two weeks. And the order keeps reducing?


some buyers will not trust sellers that aren’t honest and authentic.
This is your profile pic:


What has that got to do with my gig impression?


I was talking about why your orders may be decreasing which is what you ended that with.


Talking about honesty and honesty, i think you should reference it to what I promise to offer. If you promise something and you dont offer it, then that is dishonest and inauthentic. Why does it matter which profile pic I use, and most people dont even have profile pics of themselves here. My question again is, does profile pic affect impression. Or you dont want to be snoopy ?


I dont think it has anything do with why my order will be decreasing, I have that pic there since from the day I created my first gig and I had a boost in orders. Besides that I have over 50 amazing reviews, And secondly I am level 3 sellers.


You are not a level three seller.
There is level 1, level 2, and TRS. You’re a level 2.


My bad. I meant to say level 2


But you still have not answered the question . I just want to know if profile pics has any effect OK gig ranking…remember not everybody wants their indentity online


then have a drawing or icon or other graphic that isn’t a stock photo.
Many (seriously, I’m not lying) will not buy from someone with stock photos. I’m just saying… it could be part of it.


Everybody is entitled to their opinions, I guess