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Why is my gigs impressions higher than views?

Hi friends,

I noticed recently that am not getting orders just like before i got to level 2 and while brainstorming for what might be the likely problem, i checked my gigs and found out that their impressions are higher than gig views.

See the attached image below:

e.g this gig:

Gig Impressions:

Gig Views:

Can someone help me analyse my gig and possibly suggest reasons the impressions are higher than gig views. Is it that my gig title or description is not enticing enough?

Your help is appreciated.


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Impressions mean how many times your gig has been shown on the Fiverr search page. When people click the Gig and see the full content it will be count on Clicks. When we search for something many results are shown to us, we usually click on few of them :slight_smile: This is the reason your Impression is higher than click. You have nice gig :wink: and performance is pretty well :wink: So no further suggestion from me to improve your gig


Thanks for the compliment sir.

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Yes, you said correct


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.

Your impressions will always be higher than your views. Some of your impressions turn to views, others do not.

Thanks man. I though there was something wrong with my gig title…