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Why is my level showing New Seller now?

Next evaluation: Jan 15, 2018 I had this on LEVEL 2 Seller position but currently its on new seller position

I have all things okay. Is anyone else facing the Issue

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Same here - it’s either a bug, or worse :grimacing: Contacting CS as we speak.

This can easily raise panic among sellers :eyes:


I keep checking this and when I saw this it was :open_mouth: but hopefully LEVEL 2 badge is there on profile. I guess if you have same then it might be a bug.

However, Many people has been suspended and before evaluation lost there ranks too :frowning:

i think that is how not it is appear to everyone

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Same here. Maybe that will be the new level after evaluation. But I don’t wish it to be.

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i think we can see the exact level after 15th only

I don’t think so may be for you and me it can be but there is @Woofy31 I don’t think its possible that he can become new seller from TRS :stuck_out_tongue:


Same problem here. Perhaps they have started rolling out the new evaluation system. My fingers are crossed!

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Yes:) Same here its worrying me though I have everything green but here anything can happen lol :smile:


It was just a guess say. From TRS to new seller i😬, that is a fantasy to me.

Same for me here. It’s gone from TRS to New Seller. Fairly certain, they’re starting the evaluation.


Facing the same situation. Not only this, but I found my On-time Delivery decrease to 86% with no orders marked as late once again. (It happened to me two times before and now this is the third, it’s pissing me off!) I fed up of contacting the CS for the same issue over & over without getting it fixed. I’m probably losing me level one seller due to this issue as well with the ridiculous buyers who order without reading the description and then canceling. Totally irritating

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Same here.

They are probably getting ready for the big day.

5 days to go!

Here’s what CS said:


So this is how it’s going to show from now on - but since the evaluation is each month, will it always be positioned on new seller? will it only show under our level on the first day of the evaluation then reset?

We shall live and see.


They are banging on a lot of things ATM over in the tech dept., it will take a while until the dust settles.

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It really is humbling to say the least, to check out your stats and see that you are a new seller again until the evaluation takes place.

I wasn’t even thinking about this, and now I must say I started thinking “what if I get demoted?” :fearful:


It certainly is, especially after almost 8 years :scream: how can I be a new seller after all this time? :smiley: They should change the wording at least :eyes:


Everything’s being seen normally to buyers etc. - check out your own profile page - your level’s there as always. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not showing only on the analytics page.


Takes a bit more to humble me, I fear. Or thankfully? :thinking: