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Why is my order marked LATE?

Hi all…I completed an order an entire day early and the buyer likely viewed it today and requested a revision. I glanced up and saw it was suddenly showing late…???

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Don’t worry - your order’s not late - it’s because your buyer requested a revision - for some reason it’s always marked as late when the timer stops, even though you’re in the process of doing a modification.


It is normal, don’t worry.

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Thank you! I’m new on here so was kind of panicking! Appreciate the clarity! I’ve never seen this on other revisions.

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Hi solwonder
I think I can help you with here. Suppose the time remaining for your order to submit was 10 minutes. You submitted it on time and the buyer requested a revision, and you checked the notification after lets say 15 minutes, then it will show as “LATE”. There is no problem though.

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Once you turn in an order BEFORE the timer goes late once… It can never go late after that.
The timer will look like it refreshes to a 24h timer and goes “Late”.
But this does not count against you.

It can sit there forever really.

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Thank you! I was actually was no where near the end time. I submitted the work an entire day prior.

good to know…thanks


I really think that once a buyer requests more than 1 revision a few days should be added on the delivery date.

Anyway, no worries, it’s the way of work life on Fiverr!

:bulb: Joe

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Wow. This is great to know. Thanks a lot guys.

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In this case when buyer ask for modification and it appears as late, buyer will be able to cancel the order or not?