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Why is my post disapproved?


It shows your request was declined. Review and modify it. This has happened 4 times, Please anyone describe that what is the problem.


Hello there!

Are you trying to post in buyer requests?


i’m trying here!


Are you trying to advertise your gigs as a seller on buyer requests? If you are, then that’s why it’s being rejected.

Buyer requests are for buyers to posts jobs to look for a suitable seller, not for seller to advertise.


How he made it? I think he is also seller.


It shouldn’t have - but some sellers do think buyer requests is the place to advertise their gigs - it’s not, as you’ve found out.

If you’d like to advertise your gig, you can do it here on the forum, in the section called ‘My Fiverr Gigs’.

Good luck!


I hate those sellers who advertise their gigs at buyer requests section. Fiverr should ban them permanently!


Thank you very much for giving you the answers to the questions.


No problem - good luck! :slight_smile:


Please share secret of your calmness.


Gin! :slight_smile:

Only kidding!


But I am still seeing a lot of sellers post on Buyer Request option. How could they able themselves to post on BR option? Could you please say that does fiverr has any software that can detect a sellers post on the option of Buyer Request? I am not clear about their policy as I am seeing some seller’s post on the BR but here one has posted that he couldn’t do that. Although I know that that option is only for the Buyers. Thanks


I don’t know how Fiverr filters or sorts buyers’ requests, but it’s not intended for sellers to post their services on, regardless of the fact that some (wrongly) do.


Oh, ok. I have to know the answer. If someone has seen my this comment and know the answer, then please put your remark and make me grateful.


The answer is really simple - if you’re a seller, please don’t post on buyers’ requests, as you may have your account closed. No other explanation needed! :slight_smile:


Why do you have to know it?

It’s forbidden, so don’t do it, or your account could get permanently banned.

It won’t help you get sales, because buyers can’t see your ad when you post it in Buyer Requests, only sellers who offer similar services will be able to see it. And they won’t buy from you; they will think some very bad things about you (to put it politely) because you’re clogging up BR with nonsense, and because you’re making it more difficult for others to do business.


Haaah, <— sound of frustration… The fact that you are told it is violation of ToS, you still argue, and top of that just because someone else succeed wrong doing, doesn’t make it right to do it, have you heard of Ethics and Respect of rules and Regulation?

There are a group of people reporting these people to CS, I am planning to join them and in time they will be banned.

Buyer request means a buyer asking not a seller promoting, no use will come from there since only sellers look at what is posted and buyers post and not look who is posting, be smart and advertise yourself in social media and please focus on gigs and make them make sense, use word software to correct spelling errors and make the grammer less painful, and Dear Sir or Sir is not necessary at it,


You are doing me misunderstand @abdulmoti,
I know it’s forbidden and I am too frustrated seeing a lot of sellers post on BR option. I too want that seller to be mended. Here, I just wanted to know a question to be answered, brother. Does that mean I am going to violate the TOS? I am too much respectful to the TOS of Fiverr. Hope you will realize my fact.


Yeah, Brother. I know that and don’t get worry of me. I am not a that type of stupid to post on BR option. I am getting irritated seeing a lot of Sellers post of BR option. I too want it be stopped.


Thank you very much minahmmas for answering