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Why is my post removed ? [CLOSED]

I’ve just posted my wonders about a fiver user who is removing negative feedback completly, a few minutes later my post

is just offline ?

Is this how Fiverr handles his own negative feedback, just the same as a seller on fiverr ?

I really would like a response en a public discussion with other buyers. Please don’t remove this post again.

I’ve placed an order at a seller who deliverd a terrible job. His gig had 2 positve reviews, I left a negative review and the seller just deleted the gig.

To my surprise the review disappeared completely. It seems if you delete the gig the review also get’s removed from your profile. I always look at the profile reviews before I order but that is pointless as it seems now.

How can we as buyers judge a seller and know if he or she is realible ? Since they are able to remove their own negative feedbacks all together.

Why spend your time on this? I’m sure there are better ways to use your time on fiverr than posting about something like this. This forum is not for naming sellers you don’t like for whatever reason. Any post about a seller by name will be removed. It’s not allowed.

To be fair, your star rating is still there (albeit “invisible”), so it’s not entirely deleted. Either way, what @misscrystal said, check out the Forum Rules.

You called out a seller which is against Fiverr rules. Your post was offline pending review and is now back up. Please make sure to read the forum rules.

As for the review system. You may reach out to customer support for assistance.

There is no actual need for this post anymore, so it is closed to new replies. I will respond to it myself as well since I was involved in the original thread, but I will do so in that thread which is here: