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Why is My Post Under Review?

I recently added a short post in the Tips for Buyers section. It didn’t include any bad language or anything like that. It has been “under review” for more than a week now. I contacted customer service to see what the reason is and so far, no response. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

We have no way of knowing the reason.

Really? So, it happens often?

The moderators and admins have their reasons. If you didn’t get a warning, then it’s probably a minor rule break or something.

If one of the friendly admins or moderators sees this post and thinks it appropriate to give a reason, then we’ll know why. Other than that, we’ll never know.

Don’t worry about it.

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Thank you!

@ibkcreative Your post is back here:

You may actually be able to spot something different in the post if you had a link that was removed or something like that. I’m not sure what was changed because it was done by another moderator. We try not to leave them pending for that long, but we are a very small group and we are just volunteers, so occasionally a post gets stuck in the review queue.

If you read the forum rules it may help a little with avoiding the review issue. If we have time we also edit posts “on the fly” instead of removing them at all, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. The other thing that the other users mentioned is also correct - if it’s a larger violation of some kind you would normally get a notice or warning on your forum main page. Also, although CS may not have directly responded to your ticket, they did pass your question along to the forum team and it got your post back in place. I hope that helps!

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@fonthaunt, I knew you would be the one to solve this. :slight_smile:

I’m one of the mean ones though! :wink:

It wasn’t anything you wrote, a spam comment and 2 replies to the spam comment were removed.

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Thank you so much. I saw the “spammish comments.” I’ve been selling on FIVERR for a bit, but kind of new to the Forum. Appreciate the time people take to respond to questions.

Who could you be talking about?

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Oooh, I hope you can sort my forum post out!

I showed sellers how to use software to increase call to actions.

There was no gig promotion.

A full disclose was given.

Not even sure how to contact the moderators!

I spent ages on this post, please help :slight_smile:

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Ha thank you for the laugh. Somehow I don’t think Emmaki is ashamed.

I hope you stop saying that. This is not the type of forum where people use that phrase. I cringe every time I read it. It’s very unpleasant.

That person is no longer on Fiverr.

Whew! That’s good news.

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A “full disclosure” doesn’t matter. As you’ll note in your post (comments by another moderator), off-site links – a non-affiliate link, as well as off-site promotion – were removed from your post. You are not allowed to promote other websites in your forum posts.

Please be mindful of our Forum Rules.

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Thanks again for your polite note in Conversations, @ianhamshaw. You’ll get this forum thing figured out.

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