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Why is my response rate 0?


My response rate is 0. I have completed every job on time and I carry a 5* rating on every job. Why is my response rate 0?

The only issue I have ever had on Fiverr is a guy who did a job for me and got a 3.5 rating because he delivered the wrong logo 2 times and also missed the deadline (getoffice)
He wanted me to change the rating to 5 so as not to mess up his rating.

I explained this in detail to fiverr but they have a note that I did not respond. I have a perfect record. How can one guy who messed up be allowed to spoil my record.


Your response rate is 3 hours


Are you guys seeing two different things about one same thing?


No. My response time is 3 hrs which means that on average I respond within 3 hrs. So how can my response rate be 0 when I have responded to and acted on all my orders (100%)


Actually I am newbie, I hope an expert can help you or you can contact Cs. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Hello, Joy.
Hope you’re good today.
The late delivery cannot affect the response rate (as far as i know).
Surely it can affect your placement in the search results. Also, the response rate can’t reach 0%. That will mean 100 clients send you a message each within 30 days and you didn’t answer at all. (Kinda hard). So that means that your response rate got bugged.
Try to contact customer support to reset your response rate. And try to decrease your average response time to 1 hour. It will help you to get sales.

Kind regards,
Dev Black.


Your response rate means how many people sent you messages to your inbox in the last 30 days that you responded to within 24 hours. If you waited longer than 24 hours to respond to a new message, your response rate will drop.

So either your response rate is wrong which it may very well be, or you never respond to messages within 24 hours. And I mean messages to your message inbox, not messages in orders.

Contact customer support and ask them to reset it. It is probably wrong.


Thank you for your help.That sounds reasonable. My average response time is 3 hours… Where on the site do I find access to customer support ? Can’t find it.



Thank you for your help. That sounds like there is a bug somewhere. My response time is said to be 3 hours.

Can’t seem to find access to customer service link. I keep moving around the site and can’t find it



The link to CS is at the bottom of every page - here it is: :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I will check it out