Why is my response rate decreasing?


My response rate is decreasing day by day!I response every message but why does it happen?Please, anybody, help me to recover my response rate.

My response rate dropped because of spam

It’s an ongoing bug (it happens to me as well), most likely due to all those spam messages that we receive without even knowing sometimes.

Take a breath as nothing critical happened to be so concerned, and simply contact Customer Support to refresh your dashboard and get your response rate back to its previous state.


Don’t worry they will fix it asap same thing happen lot of sellers. this day fiverr update their algorithm this might be a bug or something


This bug has been since forever, ever since they implemented the response rate, and they never actually fixed it. So there’s no “asap” here, as the bug keeps lowering the response rates with complete randomness and no prospect of being fixed anytime soon considering the amount of time that has passed already.

I asked CS to fix this bug countless times, and almost every week I send tickets about my rate going down for no reason - and it still happens.


i had faced this issue when i got many spam messages. Then i had contacted fiverr customer support and they have recovered it :slight_smile: