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Why is new sellers ignored?

why the buyers neglect the new sellers?
only because they are new.
we are here because we have urged, confidence, or desire to do something for ourselves and use our talent to explore the world.
please don’t ignore us and give us a chance to show our skills
thank you!


I don’t imagine that anyone is ignoring new sellers out of spite. Buyers have literally THOUSANDS of potential sellers to choose from in each category and when it comes to their time and their money they’re far more likely to select a seller who has a few orders and reviews under their belt.
That doesn’t mean new sellers don’t get orders, of course not, but this is the reality of doing business on a platform that is saturated with such a huge number of sellers offering similar services.


when we are new here. we don’t have reviews to ensure them we are the best and we can do it.


So here is the thing: new sellers are definitely not ignored. Some buyers even prefer working with new sellers.
However the arguments that you give for buyers to buy from you are not enough.

You see, it’s all about yourself. You decided do something for yourself, you decided to use a talent, you decided to explore the world.
Those are not the reasons why people will buy from you.
People will buy from you if you can show that you can give value to a client and solve their pain points.

On a side note: usually it’s not about buyers not buying from new sellers. It’s sellers profiles that push away clients.
And I did have a look at your profile and it’s not ideal. You mention assignments in your profile and it’s against TOS. You offer article writing and you have a lot of mistakes in your gig description and profile that are noticeable even for me as a non native speaker.


Everyone started with no reviews. Having a well written profile and gig is all you can do. Then it’s just patience. Fiverr has also had a huge surge of new sellers during the pandemic. I would feel overwhelmed as a buyer.
I think many people join Fiverr thinking that orders are guaranteed and are very disappointed when they don’t get work immediately.


Very good points here!


i can cure the pain only when I have the talent to do so.
that’s why I said that I have that talent to solve problems that’s why I mention myself.
i am also a non-native speaker.
my work mostly based on research.
and when I have a start I see a tutor post that’s why I mention that ability too.
but later on, I delete my gig of assignment based when I come to no it against TOS


Mam, actually i am not disappointed.
i have patience and waiting for my time to show my skills.
i just want to know that there is any importance of new seller or not because in buyer request they mostly put i need level 2 seller or i need experienced or many such words.
many times i used to put that i have experience not at fiverr but i have.
i think they don’t believe on new one.

It’s OK that you are not a native speaker. Just put yourself in the buyers shoes. You’re offering writing services and there are errors in your profile and gig descriptions. For example, you haven’t capitalised I in a couple of your sentences and it should be two years not two year. I wouldn’t buy a writing gig from a seller who has mistakes like this. At the very least it looks rushed and sloppy.

Please don’t feel attacked. These comments are only meant to help you improve.


Your profile really doesn’t look professional. You are even offering proofreading gig but from the description to your gig even I could see mistakes everywhere. And English isn’t even my third language. With this much errors I don’t think anyone will order any writing, article, proofreading related gigs from you. So don’t wait, start with learning, improve your gigs.


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Thank you. Am now certain that with patience and quality services I will grow my services on Fiverr and as well as help my buyers meet their needs.


Only thing I would say is update you gig image. Maybe hire graphic designer from fiverr to make your gig images look better. At least write in readable color, align to left make it look more professional.

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I ignore new sellers for really great reasons.

Firstly, there’s the new seller smell. You know what I mean? It’s that weird combination of day old sweatpants, tea and hand perspiration. It’s the worst.

Second, I can’t stand the new seller weirdness. They’re always walking around, asking where the classes are, totally acting bug eyed and not knowing who is, like, so cool.

Also, I’m sorta locked into a “mean girls” phase right now. By simple virtue of the fact that new is yucky and I refuse to stop saying, “Get in loser, we’re going buyer requesting.”


I will improve and make myself worthy.
thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually, I didn’t capitalize I because I thought there is no need to do so.
Learn from mistakes
Stay positive.


Yes, in English the I (only when referring to I as in me) is always capitalised. I made the mistake often when learning German. Ich is only capitalised when it starts a sentence. :slight_smile:
Good luck to you!


Thank you!
After overcome to my errors, I will post again.


And that’s the problem. It’s ok to make mistakes while you are learning English. However you are offering professional services based on the knowledge and proficiency in English. And that’s where it becomes a problem: buyers can see those mistakes and they simply wouldn’t trust someone who is offering services that they are not good at.