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Why is no one picking me for logo design


I need someone to buy my product to make me feel more involved here…


That’s not really a sales pitch :wink:
People won’t buy your service to make you feel good.

Your logos are quite good, assuming these are actually yours (I’m referring to the watermark).
However, your gig description and profile info are terrible.

You can either continue reading this forum or hire someone to teach you how to sell your service. Once you’ve covered the basics we can have another look to see what else are you missing.

Good luck!


My profile is terrible in what way exactly? It has nothing to do with making logos, correct? Does it consist of too many like pathways?


hahaha everything you said makes sense, I just wanna sell something online for once. What about the gig description, please specify thank you.


Your gig description is short describe everything what you offer and the buyer will get from you.
Use 5 tags related to your gig.


Nobody likes a pity party. It won’t work on the forums and it will absolutely turn buyers off. Your profile description makes you sound desperate and even though your samples were great I was immediately turned off. :S


you do realize that even your gig cover is stolen from LogoGround… right ?


Unfortunately, your “logos” are not your original work. It does not appear as though you designed them. In fact, I found them elsewhere online, associated with many different artists. If you want someone to “buy your product”, you are going to have to actually create your own product. Pretending that images are your own logos, when they are clearly not, is likely to be one reason people might not buy from you.

If you are an actual logo designer, you’re going to have to design your own logos.


Your prices are too high. If it’s $10 for 1 logo, it should be $50 for 5 logos. That’s logical.

The numbers need to make sense:
$10, $20, $30
$20, $40, $60

If I see someone charging $5 for basic, and $50 or $100 for premium, I’m immediately suspicious unless I’m getting a lot more done for $100.

Still, when you have no reviews, your prices should be $5, $10, $15.

You should also consider doing something else on Fiverr. There are too many logo designers already.


Don’t bring your need to the marketplace, bring your skill.

You already received sound advice from experienced sellers from Fiverr. Get to work, apply what they said and you will earn your success. :slight_smile:


@uxreview please can you check what’s happening with my too for me


@fastcopywriter what about if the seller doesn’t know another skills


Modify your gigs by changing your gigs title and tags. and tag must be related to graphics designing.


If you think your profile has nothing to do with making logos, then you’re wrong my friend. Buyers don’t know you personally, so they’ll judge you by your profile, portfolios and gig description. Freelancing is 60% mastering the skills/services your providing and 40% focusing on how to communicate and how to sell your services.
And you’re not focusing on this 40% part.


If you can design logos without logo generators or special logo software, then you can design anything. Facebook/Twitter covers, gig images, book covers, flyers, ads, web banners, etc.

What sellers often lack is imagination, not skills. Many sellers have the skills, but they don’t know what to sell or can’t imagine doing anything outside a very narrow box.

Some sellers are also terrified of failure, they don’t realize that it’s very easy to delete a failing gig, and the first two negative reviews won’t do too much damage.