Why is no one responding to my "Request A Gig"?


I desperately need some work done but one request is still pending approval & the other has no hits yet. Any suggestions???

Aussie Male V/O & jingles REQ URGENTLY. (Possible LT partnership) - Pending

Looking for Australian male voice that can also create jingles and mix with content V?O that I provide - Approved

Cheers in advance


Not all sellers are able to respond for a request anymore.

A seller has to maintain at least 95% rating in order to do so.

I hope this is clear :slight_smile:


I used Andy to do some male Australian VO and found him to be a total pro. Not sure if he creates jingles but his VO alone is worth trying. He is a bit more pricey than others here on Fiverr (which is really a joke) but he is worth every penny. Let him know I sent you!!!





To be honest, many of the top providers (i.e. reliable people that produce good content, - providers who you want to work with) don’t bother using that buyer quest feature. I’m sure someone will chime in that they do, but I would bet the vast majority don’t; it simply has little to offer people who are getting regular work passively (who again are usually the people producing good work).

You’ll have far better luck doing a search for top providers by keyword, then messaging people directly. Look for someone with a very low average response time, and someone who has rush/express delivery options available, and you should be all set.

Hope that helps.


Everyday I send buyer request but steel now I don’t get any feedback from buyer.

I don’t know why buyer not response seller. I don’t say to purchase gigs. But they never have any quire. Is that process are almost fack?