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Why is not any orders for my gig?

Someone help me. I am not getting any orders.I start my gigs before .I’ve started gig for a long time. I do every thing,i send buyer request and promote my gigs every time,
But i did’t have any order yet.Why is that.
It is my gig or account problem ?


Make those Titles catchy and explain your work carefully.


Do you know who your target customers are? Are you working hard to reach out to them – wherever they may be located (online or off) – and tell them about what you do?


Just to name a few things…

  1. Your profile photo is not you.
  2. The sample images are not your original work.
  3. The gig descriptions are poorly written with not enough details, and the you really need to have someone edit them.

Even if you had someone edit your descriptions though, as long as you are not showing your original work, people will not be willing to by your gigs I’m afraid…


Same here. :confused:


Have you tried adding another couple of gigs in different categories? You can have up to 7, and if you use different categories you’ll see different buyer requests.

Good luck! :sunny:


check my posts here. I have made one for your case :wink:


Are you attempting self-promotion in the Fiverr Tips category? You know that’s against the forum rules, right. :wink:


Tell more what information you need from the guests (just ideas or any documents…)
You should highlight that you will give the customers the source file ( if this is included), because mosts of the guests like source file.
you need to tell that you make sure quality work
And share your fiverr on your facebook or …
Enjoy your time!



Thank you all for helping…I will do that …

Well no that was not my goal. I wrote a big article and couldn’t write all those here so I told to check my posts :stuck_out_tongue: No intention to break any rules. Sorry.

Doing everything right does not Guarantee you sales, It only increase the chances of being selected by a buyer,We must not get confused about Promotion of gigs we should promote our gigs where people actually need them,not just everywhere which will help you saving time and efforts would drag quality traffic to your gig.
One of the biggest problem on fiverr is crowd there are just too many sellers with same services this could also be a reason for your less exposure, I believe if you keep promoting your gigs to the right place with some catchy title you would make sales. Best of luck

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