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Why is not my gig published in the search results as it is active?

Please somebody tell me why I cannot see my gig in the search results although it is active. There is not a video attached to it. I post it recently. Thanks.

There are no guarantees by Fiverr that you will come up in a search. There are hundreds of gigs. Have you tried looking through the “new” searched. Also, you should fix your gig title if you are looking to be a writer, and make sure your gig has the right keywords to come up in searches. But many people feel doing someone’s coursework is helping them cheat, so that may be a little bit of a problem.

What keyword are you using for search? Or are you trying to find your services through the menus?

It’s there. You just have to take your random place in search results.

Looking for proof? Search for [essays on discount] without the brackets, you are #16

I face the same problem , my gig does not show up !