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Why is Revision considered late?

I delivered a project 2 days before its due date. I recently received a revision request, which is fine, however why does the countdown clock say it’s late? Technically it isn’t late. The revision shouldn’t be considered being late.



It is not considered late. The countdown timer shows “LA:TE” as if Fiverr penalizes sellers for revisions. However, this is not the case. The timer is just misleading in that you do not get penalized (your order is not going to actually be considered “late”) so long as your original delivery was on time.

I think it’s about time Fiverr removes the LA:TE timer on revisions. I have also heard of some possible reasons (from other forum users) why Fiverr hasn’t yet removed the LA:TE message in the timer. One such possible reason: nudges sellers to re-deliver as soon as they possibly can. :slight_smile:

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It’s considered late because the delivery time has elapsed. Although it’s on revision, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re unable to deliver promptly at the given time on the order. To avoid this you could request for your client to shift the delivery time forward.

That’s not accurate. You still delivered on time.


When I said deliver promptly at the given time on the order, I meant, deliver what the buyer wants. Delivering an order doesn’t mean the buyer has to always accept it if it doesn’t suit them. If you are able to deliver what the buyer wants before it reads late, then your job is fully done. That’s why Fiverr suggests delivering an order a day or few before the end of the delivery time frame, just in case there’s a revision.

Can anyone confirm to me that when I deliver an order early, and then a buyer requests a revision being marked as “late” does this affect my delivery rate?

I’m not going to go into detail here, but Vicvera is incorrect. Revisions after the fact have no basis to what is on time or not. As long as you deliver the order before the initial time, that’s what counts. Any revisions that run over after this initial time do not affect your delivery rate.