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Why is the buyer requests full of sellers?

Anyone know why the buyers requests are full of requests by sellers? Is it alright for a sleeper to put up a request in the buyer’s request section??? Or am I mistaking something?


Because some people are just douches.

Sorry for the blunt answer. :smiley:

It’s more indicative that the seller doesn’t speak English very well, imo. Which is a nice check for who not to hire if you value clear communication with your sellers. Those who can speak English are just desperately trying to rack up sales in the most idiotic way possible (what buyer will browse BR?) should also be avoided.

To conclude: BR simply needs a mod or two to delete seller requests, perhaps issue a “three strikes and you’re out” policy and the problem will be largely resolved.

Don’t hold your breath.


Blunt answer are great :smiley:

Just to be clear its against the rules to do so right?

I have no idea, but it’s not great behavior. Anyone sane wouldn’t do it.

They might don’t speak English but they know how to spam for sure!
Its funny to read the buyer request section and more fun is that one of my legit request was denied, so if you need to promote your gigs just open a new request in BUYER section and you ready to bank!

Based on what I’ve seen to date, majority of the posters don’t understand that the Buyers Request isn’t meant for posting Seller advertisements. And unfortunately, Buyer Request doesn’t have the same meaning when translated to other languages.

Once someone tried to sell his proofreading service on Buyer Requests and attached his own resume, which was rife with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. (Why are you a proofreader in the first place?!)

Bit cheeky, but I pretty much turned his sales pitch on him by sending him an offer in that same Buyer Request to proofread his terrible resume for him…

Of course, he didn’t reply haha.

It’s filled with them because Fiverr doesn’t do a good enough job of filtering it and deleting all the spammers, sorry but that’s just the honest truth! :slight_smile:

Because we have reported it to fiverr like ten times already and noone does anything about it. Heloooooo Heloooo earth to fiverr tech team anyone there???

They simply cannot differentiate between being seller and being a buyer for the sake of ranking their gigs or something.

I have filled complain as well but there was no response.

Then how am I supposed to get sales? There haven’t been an actual single buyers request in 2 days :’(

Makes sense. I do think that Fiverr would be wise to put out some videos/TOS etc in other languages though. Just a little extra outlay, offer a stupid prestige title (“has worked with Fiverr!” badge or something) and you can get it done cheap. Meanwhile, next time someone doesn’t understand the TOS or how something works, there’s a quick, helpful link in their native language to point them towards. It won’t kill off bad behaviour, of course, but it would drastically reduce mistaken bad behaviour.

Then again, if you’re going to do global business, learn English first. It’s useful for so many things outside of work anyway…

It is really good for users to keep on complaining about this to Customer Support as long as each person only does it once to avoid spamming. If the message keeps going to staff it increases the chances of a fix. To be clear, I am a forum admin but not Fiverr staff so my own complaint just gets noted along with every else. :slight_smile:

Yes but they’re obviously not smart enough to know this are they? :slight_smile:

It’s not even about smartness. It’s what you do with your gifts. For example, on my father’s side of the family, you will find psychotherapists and nurses specializing in treatment (my grandma, for example, worked with the “criminally insane” before starting up a retirement home. I remember the latter–those little old ladies loved my cutesy 4yo schick!). She has taught me a lot of stuff. 1) if someone is being unreasonable, it’s time to puff up your feathers and fight back b) you can make friends with the most awkward person so long as you spend time learning about them as a person c) be honest.

C) is the most important. It’s why I sometimes feature entire conversations with my sellers. Is it my fault they’re idiots? No. You can judge. That’s fair.

I refuse to believe that businessmen–real businessmen who have learned and boned up–don’t understand the rules of a global economy. I want to work with smart people, not people who dribble dinner into their jacket. And I’ve been there a a cute child helper. Not cool. We’re here to help, not paper over your own fucking cracks.

All I’m saying is that my own unique life circumstances have lead to my own style. Play me for a fool, and I’ll return the favor. You need to do the same. Refer to your favourite relative or friend and how they deal with BS. Follow it. Unless they’re like racist or something.

  1. Have no idea what their doing
    2 Might also offer svcs in hopes to another Seller.

Wouldnt be surprised if High Level Sellers are using new Sellers and getting cheap wrk and bill Buyers more.

Buyers automatically assume if youre not Level 2 then wrk isnt as good. Big mistake