Why is the buyers request section filled with sellers request instead?


Hi, not unless I am mistaken, the buyers request section is supposed to be a place where buyers place their request and sellers bid and submit their proposal right? Unfortunately, most times when I check, the page is flooded with sellers advertising their gig. Did anyone else notice that or it’s just me?


Why is the buyers request section filled with sellers request instead?

This is the most frequently asked question here. Most of us started our forum activity with this question and never got the right answer. :sunglasses:


OK. I thought it was just me. Now the problem is, each time I try to post mine, the Fiverr team declines it. I contacted them several times taking snapshots of the request but they just give me a generic response and that’s it. Anyways, seems nothing can be done about it.


I hope, It’ll be solved someday.


These sellers are spamming and violating the Fiverr’s TOS.Don’t be like them and avoid it.


I don’t want to but I feel they have some advantage posting their gig there. And to make it worse, Fiverr doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.


All of us have been wondering this since day 1, and we still haven’t figured out why they haven’t been banned yet.

And when I post a request, it gets unapproved within minutes.


If you keep trying to do this you are putting your account at risk.


Although thats is not the place for sellers to do this kind of activities but i believe fiverr is trying to stop this practise


Well, this is the question that I am trying to find the ans. Most of the time I found seller request more than buyer request.


Same question …

When it will be solved? Can’t we get only buyers posts in buyer request section? PLEASE…!!!


I need answers to this please. I really tired of seeing sellers in buyers request. I even tried to do this once but fiverr declined my request. I don’t even understand how they do it.


Fiverr rejects mine all the time. Still wondering why and how they do it?


The funniest part is not that sellers are using BR. Ther funniest part is that even on such spams I have seen 30+ responses I means there are people who donot even read the request carefully the just copy paste their typical reply.


@Everyone “Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled.” This is what Fiverr says about it so don’t even try.


They do not have an advantage, I was wondering who all the people were that were responding to those sellers who were posting in Buyer’s Request, so I did this: (You will laugh when you see what I discovered. :joy::rofl:)


These are the bad eggs in the system using fake profiles and location to lure customers. I strongly believe very soon Fiverr will weed them out. Please be different don’t be like them.


when someone posts a request it goes through Fiverr approval then why Fiverr approve those seller-promotional requests?


Thats the real question. why does Fiverr approve it?


If those ‘seller promotion’ ‘buyers request’ are approved, that clearly means that Fiverr employees are not working effectively. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: