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Why is the delivered time changing in favor of the buyer?


I’ve noticed something really strange in the past few weeks. Whenever I deliver a gig, at for example february 8th, 10:00, it changes a couple hours, or even one day forward, in favor of the buyer, because he hasn’t been online for a day or two, so it doesn’t automatically complete! I’ve for example delivered an order two days ago, february 9th, somewhere around 23:00. The buyer hasn’t been online for two days. Guess what? The delivered time says 04:17 FEBRUARY 11, 2017!! This is just pure incorrect, since the last time I’ve been awake at 04:17 was literally years ago!

Is this just me experiencing it?

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Could it be that it gives the delivery time in your buyer’s time zone?


Yes, thank you that might be the case.

Very possible. I’ve noticed it in the messages, too, the time stamp in them is sometimes my time zone, and sometimes the buyer’s.


Not just you. I’ve also noticed weird things with timezones. I’m in NZ & sometimes buyers make a revision request overnight (for me) and I’ve hardly the time left by the time I get up to explain I don’t do revisions before it goes late :slight_smile:

Its not just you who has noticed the time changes on deliveries. It seems to change for me on every order!
-Radio Jay