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Why is the forum looking weird the last 2 day?

Screenshot time.
What is wrong with the forum?

So far something similar seems to be affecting several people. I see it normally and apparently many others do too. I forwarded another screen shot to a forum developer so hopefully we’ll get some info or a fix pretty soon.

Probably a uncaught exception or placement bug I dare say?

Hello, fonthaunt @ Facing the same issue. Check the screenshot

Its mentioned here too…

If its a layout/theme error, I don’t see how its just affecting certain people. Its been days now so not sure if anyone is onto it. Can still use the forum, just looks ugly lol

Good luck all, and happy fiverring!

This issue has now been fixed.

Yep I see lol

Was fix exactly after I posted the last comment lol good timing :wink:

Thank you! :slight_smile: