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Why is the "Gallery" restricted to 3 pictures?

Hello everyone! So, after seeing about 21 clicks on my Calligraphy gig (roughly 250 impressions) and thinking that perhaps people needed to see more samples, I was curious as to why we’re restricted to just three images. I’m not sure if this is only a level one seller thing, but I’d really like to know. Thanks!

Overall 3 seems to be pretty reasonable for your starter samples as long as you use the other available options too. I see those 3 as the “attention grabber” area. To use it best, use that for your most amazing sample showcase. That should just be the beginning, though.

Your gig video can be set up with tons of samples. You can show a lot of work in a brief video using a slideshow or animations or whatever you are good at making. Another great option is to use one of the approved sites to show even more samples. You can use Flickr, for example, to show as much as you want. There are other sites that may be better for gigs that aren’t about graphics. Just be sure you pick a site from the approved list and then you can include the sample link right in your gig description.

Would the same go for writing samples?

Hi, MidnightInk.

You might want to proofread your gig description. Someone seeing an error there might suspect that an error could creep into his/her project, too.