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Why is the procedure to tip and rate your order when You have only recieves a small part?

Brand New. Just hired a seller to do a full brand Identiy and new logo. We worked our way to a agree upon Logo over the past few days that I was happy with. Which is only a small percentage of the work agree upon. There is a brand style guide, font guidelines,color pallet social media kit, several types of files and a 3d mock up. Why does fiver have you tip and rate the order after only seeing a jpeg of your logo? Or is the logo just the visual representation of all all Not rest of what I will recieve? Not knowledgeable on how all these other parts. Is there nothing else visual that needs approving?


Did you press “approve delivery”? Approve delivery means that you are closing an order and you received everything.

Though your seller also shouldn’t have been sending just a logo in the delivery as that is considered partial delivery


Yes the seller told me the procedure was deliver the logo and 12 to q6 hrs later I would receive the rest… I got scammed didn’t i

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Oh my goodness.

You do not approve until you have received everything and viewed it. One of the reasons why 5r gives you 3 days.

Try working with the seller. Do not rate until you’ve received ** ALL ** your orders and reviewed it. You have 10 days to review the seller so don’t let them pressure you.

If you get everything that was promised then you can review, but if not, write to customers support to let them know you received partial delivery.

Partial deliveries are not allowed. Keep your cool and be professional with facts, screenshots of payment, products received vice what was promised when writing to support.

It’s too bad your 1st 5r experience was less than optimal. :expressionless::expressionless:

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yea this is the conversation i had with him this morning after i saw there was a delivery

will i be able to get my money back. i already submitted a report

Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Cancelling an order and getting your funds back).

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Have you waited 12-14 hours? Though I am not sure. That actually it takes this long to deliver or he Didn’t delivered you! But you must check once after 12-14 hours before contacting support I guess.

Ok so I’m confused now. They said above that he has to send all the materials when he delivers something. But you are saying some times it can take up to12 to 14 hrs for the delivery to go through once I confirm tip and rate it? I just don’t understand why you would have to approve something you haven’t seen yet… is it to protect the seller in someway?

No it’s not. It seems that your seller just doesn’t know how fiverr works or he was just hoping that you don’t know how fiverr works.

I would’ve gave him the time he asked to deliver everything and see if he indeed will send the files
(And to just give him a benefit of a doubt that he didn’t expect you to approve the delivery and tries to calm you down that way).

But anyway it’s a TOS violation to send a partial delivery. If you already opened a ticket just wait for fiverr support to resolve it.
If not, you can give him the time he asked and then open a ticket with support and they will refund you


NO No NO!!!

This seller is hoodwinking you!

When a seller delivers the order through the GREEN Delivery button, they need to be including the ENTIRE order that was placed, not mock ups, or rough drafts etc - they are supposed to deliver the files THEN, not 12 to 24 hours later. This is a TOS violation and this person could and should get an account warning - they have banned sellers for pulling these stunts.

I would wonder if they were hoping you would rate them a 5 star as well before they delivered the actual work?

The only caveat to this is if you had an order with this seller that had milestones - but, still, I think this seller is WRONG! I would definitely contact customer service and complain that you did not get what you ordered - that they did not deliver what was agreed upon and I would also put this conversation you had with them in your message to customer service as well.



I am not saying you have to. I am just saying you can wait. And then take action. Yes its true while we deliver mass project we deliver all at a same time. But why your seller said that it will take time I dont know actually!

Thank you I already have submitted one.

Thank you. Not he told me that’s how it works here. You approve the complete and then the seller has 24 hours to compile everything. I garnered the it took 24 hrs to process from you comment above. I appreciate your input. Thank you for trying to help

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You are most welcome. Hope your next experience would great :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Thank you. Doubt there will be one
Fiver is not being very helpful.

I feel sad for your bad experience. even after the project has been marked complete buyer has the option to get a refund by contacting customer support. I can’t un-see the angelic emoji seller was sending with its messages.
Once an order is placed seller must deliver complete final file in the delivery. mock up pictures can be shared by attachment in the chat. Delivery has to be finished product. in your case seller send the mockup file not what your had ordered for. this is completely wrong what the seller did here.
I wish you get prompt response from fiverr customer service and get this resolved asap…

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