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Why is there Ad written on first 4 gigs in resumes and cover letter services?

Is this advertisment?

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Fiverr is rolling out a new feature that allows sellers to promote their gigs by paying for better spots in results.

It’s currently in beta, and only a few sellers across all categories participate.

We are waiting for an official updat as to when this feature will be publicly available, as well as pricing structure.

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Yes, they’re ads (promoted gigs). Promoted Gigs are currently in Beta and is still in testing.
I think they are testing it on Cartoons & Caricatures & Whiteboard & Explainer Videos categories.

Promoted gigs will ruin fiverr. The sellers should be able to boost a gig for 1 day a week for free or $1…

thanks all

Wow! I can’t wait

I think only selected sellers are able to use this feature.

Wow! Curious to see how this plays out.

Moderator Note: Gig link removed. If you wish to promote your gigs, you may do so ONLY in the Tips For Sellers forum. Please read our Forum Rules.

you are an idiot

Yes, mainulhussain96 was spamming our forums, but we don’t need to be name-calling because of it. Please be respectful of other forum users – even those who willingly break the Forum Rules.

I will keep it in mind. :slight_smile: