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Why is there no way to increase the deadline on multiple orders?


That’s is. A simple question. If a buyer can order a dozen or more of a gig that takes a set amount of time in one fell swoop, why is there no way to increase delivery time based on the amount of multiples?

Is there some secret button to click somewhere?


Some logic, eh?

I guess that means your 1 customer gets to cancel due to late delivery as opposed to 4 or 5 customers canceling for the same reason.

So be grateful.


Maybe extended the max time for the project or add a gig extra that adds days to the project. Not sure what else to suggest.


I also suggested that in the forum. It is better at lease there is a way of increasing delivery time from 1 day when we get more than 5 multiples. For me I get multiples rarely and struggling to get one order per day… :smiley:


Fiverr makes me shake my head so much I get a sore neck.

Thanks for the suggestion @topaz_muse, but I already have my gigs set to way longer than they usually take to try and avoid ‘traffic jams’, and I have gig extras set that build in extra time, which would be awesome if there was a way to disable the “multiples” drop down.

I don’t get many orders either @zimron89, but when I do get orders there’s usually some annoyance that could be easily avoided. :slight_smile: Thankfully I’m not dependent on Fiverr income (good thing too!) so my priority is to make the process as irritation free as possible – but FIVERR WON’T LET ANYONE DO THAT! Argh.

I suspect it won’t be too long before a competitor starts up a site with the the angle that ‘it’s all about the seller’ to lure away the huge workforce here that’s been too frustrated for too long.

Fiverr is a great platform for certain types of gigs and sellers, but it’s not a great fit for many others.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I am still depend on fiverr income Actually with my parent’s income :slight_smile: I am seeking for jobs as a B.Sc Graduate and doing fiverr as part time job :slight_smile:


Reply to @zimron89: Best of luck on getting a full time job in your degree field! :slight_smile:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks a lot… :slight_smile: