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Why is there still processing fee when I enable Damn Quick Pay?

I have explicitly enabled Damn Quick Pay as you claimed there will be no fee for any order if it is enabled. Now that it’s enabled I just paid a custom order which directly charges my PayPal account for $10 but I noticed the exact amount charged is $10.5.

Why is there still fee when I enable Damn Quick Pay?

“no extra fees”

Small detail, but there’s the answer. Did you really think that a processing fee would disappear because a free service that let you pay faster would waive that fee? Man, your benefit is paying faster, and that’s your lot. Don’t click on any custom orders in your email or you’ll be shaken down ASAP and your money transformed into Fiverr credit.

To take it one step further… When the lead benefit is that there’s no extra fees, you know the program is bogus. If there were no fees, it would be the darling child of all benefits. Sign up to DQP right now and save 10% off the bat!" or whatever. No, instead, it’s “well, no extra fees, yay!”

Problem is, consumers like you who don’t read the fine print or better, read what the copy is pushing you towards (read between the lines, it’s a vital life skill and not just in biz) make this shit work. Just read everything and understand it before you sign the dotted line. Research never hurt anyone.

All you’ve done is sign up to a company drive that wants to limit the amount of steps between your wallet and theirs. That’s obviously not going to appear on any marketing materials, so no extra fees is the lead.

Quite simple really.

legally, you wouldn’t have a foot to stand on. You read the TOS–this is automatically assumed–and you knew what you were signing up to. It’s not quite “I didn’t realize hitting her in the head with my ax would kill her” league of defense, but in the eyes of legal opposition and a bored judge, lol.

@emmaki, thank you so much for all the detailed replies. I signed up with the DQP for the ease of payment otherwise it’s chore to go through the payment process every time we need something done.

So do you know any way of payment that avoids the processing fee AND let us pay easily as DQP?

My guess is fund my balance in advance but I see no such options available in my account. Can I?

Well, the fee is, according to Fiverr, PayPal’s fee. You can’t escape it. You’ve just shedded a few steps of payment (which, let’s face it, is worth the savings so far as a time is money argument goes?) Not sure about the balance. Once it’s in the Fiverr system it stays there, so that’s not a desirable feature. Just pony up the money, dude.

Right, seems that’s the only option for us right now. Thanks dude!

She’s not a dude.

This order (today with the effing processing fee) will empty my account with Fiverr (if I do the order, I might anyway) and I will probably think MUCH further on any more orders with Fiverr providers, which has not been a 100% walk in the park.