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Why is this being 'unapproved' - can anyone help?

This is what I posted, can anyone see anything wrong with it?

Many thanks


I am a new seller on Fiverr and require someone to do the following: 1) Set me up a new facebook business page relating to the services I sell through Fiverr (wordpress websites, copywriting, logo design, business stationary) 2) Set me up a new twitter account relating to the same 3) Connect with potential buyers for my services on both twitter and facebook, resulting in at least 5000 twitter followers and 1500 facebook fans 4) Set up 50 tweets (draft not published) and 25 facebook posts (also drafts) which promote my gigs Note: I realise this is a fairly big job (not to set the twitter account and facebook page up that’s a five minute job which I could do myself) but to connect to targeted audiences and develop a genuine fan base. I do NOT expect this done overnight but I DO expect a proper job done by hand and everything to be justifiable and targeted. My preference is for someone which good reviews who can show that they have done similar work before. Many thanks.


One problem could be that you say that you’re a seller, so the system believes that you’re advertising your services in a section that’s for buyers to post what they need done.

Another problem is that selling followers, likes, fans, and so on, is against the Terms of Service of social media, so that kind of service isn’t allowed on Fiverr. Sellers who sell that kind of service have their gig removed, and if they keep trying to offer it, they can get banned from Fiverr.


Ok that’s helpful. But you see what I am trying to do is completely above board or at least I think so! What would you say?

The Facebook fans and Twitter follower gigs are no longer allowed as gigs by Fiverr, because they break third party ToS - FB and Twitter ToS.

Why would they allow a BR which asks Fiverr sellers to break third party ToS? It wouldn’t make any sense. :wink:


Whether YOU think your service is above board doesn’t matter. The rules of Fiverr reign supreme. Your services should always match Fiverr’s rules and preferences, not your own.


Okay I see I am going to have to ask the question in a different way which makes clear that what I am trying to achieve is engagement which will itself naturally lead to fans / followers.

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Fair point well made

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