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Why is this buying request unapproved or denied?


You’re such an awesome drawer. Hows about you draw me some corkscrews. I’m doing some prototyping and I need some drawings.


Thanks for the replies. My post was intended to be slightly humorous and eye catching. The recommendations here seem to suggest I need to make it more dry and boring. I thought an organization that has a login page that says something like “State thy name and ye shall pass” would be more agreeable to a more creative and interesting buying request.


My request said “create about 12 simple business illustrations for an Ebook” and was unapproved. Anyone know why?


Reply to @kjblynx: Uhh what?


Reply to @bachas85:

I’ve posted a new, much more stale and boring, buying request. Hopefully it will be approved now that it lacks any kind of flair.