Why is this guy not a top rated seller!?


I am aware that fiverr chooses top rated sellers manually, but I really don’t understand why this guy is not a top rated seller. Here is the guy I am talking about: https://www.fiverr.com/dino_stark

I should mention that I don’t know this person at all, I just found his gig that sold more than 33.000 times so far, and I couldn’t believe he is only level 2. This guy has about 50 orders per day according to his ‘recent deliveries’ and he has a 100% rating. Why on earth he this guy not being featured and made top rated seller?

Any feedback is appreciated.


Because of pyramid picture lol :smiley: … jk


Incredible guy!


Reply to @skydesigner: I guess fiverr must not like the gig he is offering? Oh and I forgot to mention he also has 96% ‘world domination’ lol


Reply to @zenboy: he really is


Sellers offering SEO services here on Fiverr, will have a hard time if they want to become a Top Rated Seller someday. It must be a pretty damn unique gig if they want to become one, something extraordinary.

Best way for that guy to become a TRS is by offering other services non SEO related. Some of the TRS that sell SEO stuff, have achieved TRS status that way.

Combine a unique non SEO related gig with the amount of order this guy gets, and you will get a TRS almost guaranteed.


Reply to @s_sayan: totally agree, however, this guy has sold more than at least 3 TRS combined, which begs the question what does a “Top Rated Seller” actually mean? If it would really mean “top rated”, then this guy would be by far the best “top rated” seller there is, because I have not seen anyone on here with more sales and his rating was 99% when it was visible.

I am aware that according to fiverr you have to have and maintain “a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating), Exceptional customer care, Have a low cancellation rate, Community leadership, Volume of sales” and maybe more?

So maybe he has a high cancellation rate (unlikely), or he doesn’t participate in the fiverr community (likely), but sure the amount of sales makes up for that. After all, this guy has generated fiverr more than $33k! That is an insane amount for one person, or even one team to make for fiverr and very generous indeed. If I was this good, I would the the money for myself :stuck_out_tongue:


My thought is that is has something to do with the fact that creating so many backlinks for a site isn’t necessarily a legitimate way to improve your position in search results. I’m assuming that Fiverr probably doesn’t want to legitimise something that is questionable.

You’ll notice a TRS in the SEO category who only offers one gig for backlinks, and only provides 10 high quality backlinks.


38336 Reviews

Holy Moly!


Reply to @onlinedesigner: oooooooh…“80000+ GIGS SOLD” ill be TRS but not in this life :frowning:


Awesome guy, must be TRS, no matter he is selling SEO or Non SEO services…


Insane , Not TRS Must Be “SUPER SELLER” .


Reply to @deanstokes: I can definitely confirm that this isn’t 100% legit, but it isn’t illegal either. It just puzzles me how fiverr is fine with him being a level 2 seller when there are at least 10 Top Rated Sellers who make less than half of what this guy makes. They don’t have to feature him or anything, but as far as I know this person has sold the most gigs on fiverr, so deserves something for that. The least they can do is make him a TRS


Reply to @onlinedesigner: I know right! I have never seen anything like this on fiverr before