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Why is this Happend?

Suddenly I get e mail. I checked it and found that was about my account Issue. They Said I did feedback boosting violation. Even I don’t have any idea about this. Does anyone knows about this?

Hi shadiya646,

Our rating and level systems are an integral part of building a trusted marketplace. Your account was flagged for purchasing or selling with the intent to falsely increase ratings and/or levels. This isn’t in line with our community ideals.


Fiverr doesn’t do this without just cause.

You were apparently trying to game the system and got caught.

There you go.

Time to change your ways and review the Terms of Service again to avoid any further issues.


Really I don’t get this What this happen. I never did anything like feedback boosting where I have no idea about this.

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Did you ask a Buyer to leave a review?

That’s all it takes.

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Got it. :slight_smile: Thats the matter.

There you go.

Check the Terms of Service again.

It tells you what you can and can’t do here.

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You somehow asked clients to drop a feedback or reviews regarding the project. I see you are a new seller. So check all of your communication with clients to find out where you wrote this. Asking feedback/ reviews/ positive ratings is strictly prohibited on Fiverr. If you are 100% sure then you can contact the Fiverr support team. But please check again and again.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

contact the Fiverr support team

It is apparent you did not read the other replies or you would know the OP has already had his question answered.