Why is this happening? - Ghost Gigs?


Could somebody please click on my profile and then on all of my gigs to bump up my clicks and impressions? - JOKING, obviously. More seriously, though, could someone please look at my profile and tell me how many gigs I have available?

I removed over half my gigs after New Year. For some reason, though, I am still getting messages from buyers as if they are live.

Are they in cached form or in other countries?

EDIT: No need now, I have already found the answer I was looking for.


If they were just paused, they’re still there if people have the direct gig link (the gig page still exists but it says “paused”), or if the link is still listed on Google (apparently there are multiple listed on Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:fiverr.com%2Fcyaxrex&cad=h )

If you removed them completely, as in deleted, that’s a weird thing indeed.

P.S. you have 5 active gigs, and several paused.


I see 5 available gigs (and a QUICK RESPONSE nonsense review, I’ve got one of those, too).


Paused explains it, then. Thanks, Woofy. I didn’t realize this was the case. What is puzzling, is that these are new buyers but one has said they are familiar with my work. In this case maybe they favourited a gig or took the link previously.


What on Earth? What is this? Can you screen shot it fior me?


It’s the latest review on your profile page, and it’s for the bitcoin gig.


Gotcha. I thought you meant some kind of review about my message responses. I hadn’t seen this review, though, and I hate it when people do this. The buyer received their work on time and with extras but wanted it asap and clearly hasn’t liked how I haven’t prioritized their order.

It’s a pitty. $15 was working well with this one. Now I have to go HIGHER to cut out this blooming foolery.


I think the nonsense stops at $20 starting price.