Why is this happening?


This is a screenshot from my once proud gigs, it used to have a 21k IMPR.

However during the winter it has only gone down, why and what can I do?


This gig, all green arrows, no orders.


It happens to all of us, besides, what matters is the number of orders you’re getting, not whether the arrows are red or green. Let me prove it.


Reply to @zeus777: Well I did think that, I really didn’t want to post this in the first place. I get the idea about how it happens every now and then but yesterday my IMPR was 7.5k! So when I saw how low it got today I was desperate :stuck_out_tongue:

I changed keywords, descriptions, etc. I guess we wait to see how it goes.


I’m not sure how much this will help, but here’s what I think:


Just a personal opinion!