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Why is this notification coming?

Why is this notification coming?
“The user account you are searching for is no longer available.”
please help me
I am a new with fiverr.

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When do you see that notification?


I was show this notification 10 minutes ago

Were you searching for a specific user? Or was it in messages?

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Yesterday a buyer gave me a message and I gave him my portfolio link

Then the buyer is no longer a Fiverr user, or he got banned, or he blocked you.


Brother do not share your personal information. In your portfolio have your personal information so Fiverr can suspend your account.

Thank you

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I didn’t do anything bad to him, why put me in danger and what is the way to stay safe from it

Brother, I am new, so I did not understand anything, what should I do now?
But I know how to show my wife’s portfolio without a link, how can I show her?

If you contacted the buyer after he messaged you, without the buyer inviting you to contact them they may have blocked you. Buyers do not like to be contacted once they have ended a conversation with you.

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OK, I understand. Thank you very much.

Simple and easy, never tray to share your personal information by any way.
Share portfolio is also look like you are sharing personal information so do not do that.

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OK, I understand. Thank you very much brother.


Welcome to the fiverr platform. We are happy to have you as a member of our community. One plausible reason for this is that the buyers account may have been disabled. This happens for different reasons.

You might also have been blocked by the buyer or his or her account was flagged as spam or they may have violated one of fiverr’s terms of service directly or indirectly. In which case they will have to make contact with fiverr support to rectify the issue.

Don’t be daunted. Keep promoting your gig and business will come. All the best on this interesting journey.



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Hello Dear ,
Thanks for your advice.

Being new has an easy solution - read the terms of service. Everything is explained there. And then watch the free Fiver course.

Here are the links: . .