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Why is tips for sellers always on top of forums page?

I think if other categories make their way to top like conversations, then conversations will be the most viewed categories

Even if you would do a guide post the reality is most of the newbies don’t even bother to read it.

There is in fact a staff member assigned to the forum and it’s the community manager. They dedicate their time but it’s all pretty much behind the scenes.

Nice tip thank. Can you halp me imporve my gog?

Wery Welkom ! Sir, Mam be sure to write in "Imporve my Gog " catagori for help.

@rubalsingh The forum moderators also would like to have Conversations or something general at the top and we add to to our status reports routinely. You never know.

As far as the rest of this, things don’t work like the used to. The FAQ feature you (kj) mention is in a queue for development . I don’t know where it would be located in the structure, although Fiverr staff IS actively working on all this now. There are higher priority issues than FAQ at the moment. The forum is actually not a last thought anymore. As @annai80 mentioned, there is now a staff member dedicated to the forum and a group of other staff members that ask for and receive input from the moderator team.

Suggestion that are plausible, polite, and posted by forum regulars who are also very active on are given top consideration even if things don’t always go as a individual desires, there are efforts to improve. Plain griping and negativity is not helpful.