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Why isn't buyer request page updating?

For the past couple of days, every time I visit the buyer requests page there is only one old request. It is frustrating as this has happened before, and that time after a day or so it finally updated and showed 200 requests. I have gigs in at least 4 different popular categories so it’s impossible that there are no new requests.

As a new seller this poses quite a big problem as the 10 custom offers a day are pretty much my only way of getting new orders and reviews.

Thanks in advance!

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Perhaps you need to find new ways getting the word out about your gigs. Many sellers here on Fiverr have learned how to market and promote their gigs elsewhere – wherever their target customers are located. I encourage you to do the same.

YOU are responsible for your sales and success, not Fiverr.


I believe the buyer request page only updates as buyers make requests :slight_smile:

With all the different gigs available on Fiverr I have found that it’s sometimes easier to search for the gig I need than to make a request.

There are plenty of other ways out there to promote your gig.

I would recommend not relying just on Fiverr to bring traffic to your gig, but take initiative and treat Fiverr like your business and advertise it!

There are a thousand different ways to advertise your gigs, and a ton of very helpful topics on this forum about how to increase your gig sales.


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Kindly contact with cs they will resolve this issue.

same here :confused:

I agree that there seems to be an issue with buyer requests.

  • I used to see 50+ requests a day, but now it’s closer to 20+
  • I posted a request myself yesterday. It took 6 hours before it was approved and during the 24 hours I received only 7 offers. My request wasn’t anything special. Usually I get 30 offers within 4-5 hours.

I don’t know what they are doing and when it will be fixed, but as previous sellers have said, look for alternative sources for buyers.

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Same issue here, buyer request dropped down from 100+ to 25 and in 25 almost 20 requests are old.

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