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Why isn't my gig is not getting impression?

I have published two gigs in Fiverr. I am trying my best for the impression of my gig. But I am not getting enough impressions and clicks. It’s making me crazy and low-confidence.
Can anyone please tell me what’s the problem in my gig?
why it’s not getting more impression and clicks though I have added an intro video in my gig?

here is my gig link:


You need to improve your gig, you need to create different services gig. You need to create a right description, which see buyer will be interested in ordering from you. To learn more about this you can take this free course on Fever’s “Be a Successful Fiverr Seller”. It can help you.

Fiverr “Be a successful fiverr seller!” free course link:


Thank you so much for you advice.


You’re welcome and thanks again.

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