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Why Isn't My GIG Ranking?

I Published My GIG 3 month ago but still i didn’t get impression and click…
please check my gig there is anything wrong.
GIG no.1 :
GIG no. 2 :


Dear Sir, You must marketing on gig, need favorite minimum 100 fv.
always try to keyword and search optimize your gig.

Need To title and description keyword selected.

Try to best…

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thank you brother…

Hi! I would suggest reading the gig ranking part of this post for more information on gig rankings: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

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Learn how does fiverr search Engine work? Then do SEO in Your gigs…Hopefully will get better result

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thank you…

thank you…

Wlc Sir…You always try to social media marketing linkden and twitter… and must keyword search for Fiverr.