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Why isn't my gig selling? (Original, I know)

So I joined a few weeks ago with a new account after having been idle with my old one for a year or two on account of health reasons. I only have one gig up right now- it’s for illustration work, which I normally see doing well on here.

I’d like to think I’m not entirely untalented, so what might be going on. I used wording that I see on several similar top gigs and I’ve tried sharing it on several large Facebook groups, even posting flyers on my college campus. Nothing. To make things worse, very few people, it seems, even click through to my page. I was hoping to make enough to eventually buy myself a new wheelchair, but I’m giving up hope fast. Help? :frowning:

Just to clarify- I do plan to put up more gigs, but all I’m really good at is academic writing and giving advice. Academic things don’t do well in the summer, and advice gigs don’t really ever do well…

My 2 cents on the subject!

Using same keywords as top gigs is a 2 sided coin. On one side you know people are searching those keywords but on the other side using the the same keywords also means your directly competing with the top gigs. If you choose to continue this difficult road the question to ask is what can you do to make your gig more appealing than the top gigs.

In the beginning it might be an easier road to go for less popular keywords with less competition.

Reply to @mgjohn78 Thanks! What would you suggest in terms of making it more appealing. though? I guess that was my question all along.

Reply to @cityandcolor: Basically offer more than your competition until you have sold a few gigs. Personally i haven’t found any sure way to get clients yet but i keep trying different things on a daily basis. Yesterday i blogged about my gigs, the day before i told my facebook followers about my gigs and today im working on a free ebook related to one of my gigs. I think eventually a combination of several things will bring in sales.

Just try everything you can think of, even failed ways of promotion will eventually raise awareness about your gigs

I suggested this to a previous person that did similar to you, but try making a video of a “fast draw” showcasing your work. I know “fast draw” isn’t the right word, but essentially a video sped up of you drawing something to show-case the work that you do. On top of that, try a less competitive category such as “Photography and Photoshopping” for better potential ranking. In addition you could do some research on keywords of value by looking at gigs on Fiverr that are selling that might offer similar to you, as well as online in general via keyword research tools to pick out keywords bringing in traffic and orders.