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Why isn't my gigs show on the home page of Fever?

hello all Fiverr community please advise me
Anyone have any Idea for Show in Fiverr Home page my gigs. Why isn’t my gigs show on the home page of Fever?

My gigs bellow links


So many errors, TOS violations, and poor English. I wonder why the bot doesn’t put you #1 for anything.

I am sorry but if you want the Algo to see you as the best answer for anything, you have to show that you are the best answer. If you have errors in your spelking and wroding, how can pooples be constipant that be good you will?

There is no First Page. Matter of fact there is no page at all. It is all a live Sort based on keywords a buyer types and what the bot knows about your gig. Everyone will see something different every time. And why would the bot show you your gigs? It would seem unlikely you would need to buy from yourself.

There is a recent speculative thread here about Fiverr 3.0. Please read that.



many many thanks for advise

In my opinion, you have unprofessional gig images and descriptions. None of them are attractive enough to gain customers. But I find the service you provide is unique. Improve your design skills and English. learn more terms of services here You’re Good To Go


I think you have potential for your niche. But still, first you need to at least get bit serious. As you can see, you are in but still didn’t bother to fix or check your fever. And remove 100 satisfaction, unlimited revision badges. That ugly badges screams scam. Like ads on adult sites.
Maybe hire someone to fix your gig images. Even copywriter for your gig descriptions.


Hello, a few friendly thoughts because I think you look like a genuine seller…

  1. Gigs. You need to be careful having four very similar gigs. They are all essentially “I will make a sewing pattern for any garment”. Fiverr does not allow sellers to offer multiple versions of the same gig - it is against the Terms of Service. Once you are found out (or reported by another seller or buyer) - your gigs will be removed and you will receive a warning. If you think you have a problem now, this is nothing compared to what could happen if Fiverr take action against you.

  2. Niche. Unlike many other sellers, you are selling a niche service. Your service will have much lower demand than gigs like data entry or Photoshop work, but your competition will be far less. You have an opportunity to be successful. It’s nice to see a different service being discussed.

  3. English & Images. You ideally need to find a way to correct your English. I can understand what you write (which is most important) but there are many spelling and grammar mistakes. Why don’t you use an online spelling and grammar checker? There are many available for free. I don’t write this to be horrible, but your English is not fluent (which is what you state on your profile). I think your gig images are okay. They’re ‘honest’. Yes, they could be better - but they’re not terrible.

  4. Prices. While I always encourage sellers not to offer $5 services (it’s too low), at the same time as a new seller with no feedback, I think your standard and premium prices prices are too high. Why not offer $10, $15 and $20… instead of $10, $20 and $30 (or one I saw was $80)?

  5. Unlimited Revisions. Please don’t offer this. In the event of a scam buyer complaining about your work, you will be locked in an eternal loop of never being able to complete the order. Usually the order eventually gets cancelled and you will lose your money.

Good luck.


thanks bro for precious advice

english_voice > many many for precious advice


I sew, but I have no idea what “Fabric Consumption” means.

Unless that is when my machines feed dogs EAT the fabric - this has happened! :laughing:

You still need to take out the chintzy looking “100% Guaranteed” etc badges from your Gig images - also, not sure if Fiverr likes someone using their logo in the seller’s Gig image.


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My understanding is that TOS is clear that you may not use the Fiverr Logo on your Gig as this gives the impression that this service is “officially endorsed by Fiverr”. I know that Coke would not be delighted if I put their Logo on my services (or drink can), indicating that I was supported by or affiliated with them.

Whether in the TOS or not, it is still poor form to use the logo of another business within yours, unless you are selling their goods as an official partner or similar.

There is commonly a blind eye turned where a mechanic shows a car maker logo to show they service that make. Or on my website I show the logo of the DAW I use beside where I talk about being able to provide specialist services specific to that product. I do not lead with it as a badge of my Pro-ness.

I know people put Adobe logos all over their Gig in the assumption that this makes them look more pro. To me this does the complete opposite. Does your plumber start the conversation by saying what brand of spanner he/she/it uses? No because that would be immature as it takes the conversation from their skill (or at least willingness to paddle in :poop:) and puts it on a bit of tin. If it were that simple I could buy a spanner…