Why isn't search engine working?


Hello there,
My name is Rafael and my best seller gig is located in Graphic Design category and Vector Tracing subcategory.

Here is the deal:
I’m a level 2 seller with the 2nd most and better rated gig in this Vector Tracing subcategory. Anyone can see this by browsing my gig in GRAPHIC DESIGN>VECTOR TRACING> AVG CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Resuming, it’s the 2nd in the rank (in the 1st page, by the way), when browsing it by fiverr categories menu (please know I’m not here to be exhibit, but to show the facts and issues I realized).


When i try to search my gig, in the search engine, using my gig TAGS, I found it lost in the 13th page (and refining the search only by my subcategory).
Being more clear, when I SORT the search by RELEVANCE or AVG. CUSTOMER REVIEWS, my gig is behind new gigs and 1 star rated gigs (NEWEST ARRIVALS seems to be working perfectly).

Everybody knows that the sales are based in REPUTATION and RANKING (which are basically related). I was working 60-70 hours weekly to deliver excellent orders, always doing the best for my clients, always doing the possible to keep on the top, but I’m realizing there is no mean to do this if the search engine doesn’t work properly and my gig (which I dedicate 110% of my working time) can’t be found properly.

The tags in this category when are sorted by AVG CUSTOMER REVIEWS, it just show random gigs, like 1 star rated gigs in front of 5 star top rated and featured gigs.

I don’t know what happened but I lost about 50% of my sales this month (April 2017), so that’s why I started to investigate the search engine malfunction.

I see Fiverr offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services here, but isn’t using it in it’s own site.

Please, don’t understand me wrong, I love fiverr, I love working with fiverr, I “wear fiverr shirt”, fiverr is really my life (fiverr became my only source of income actually, which isn’t any bad because I can properly support my family with fiverr incomes), that’s why I would like to see it working properly.

Can it be fixed, please?

Thank you,


First: open a ticket with CS and inform this issue.

Second: post in this thread, lots of other sellers are having same issue: Major bug in search


Yes, I already open it and I’m waiting for some answers, but 99% of the time CS doesn’t explain the issues or what they will gonna do about this (if they will).

second: I will, thank you.


I just dont understand why fiverr offer SEO service if it’s own site SEO isn’t working porperly


It can either be a huge bug or it can mean that Fiverr has setup an entirely different method in ranking.


Exactly what I was thinking about. lol


Don’t accept robotic answers from CS. Take screenshots, ask your buyers which results they are seeing and send all to CS. This is a very serious issue and it should be fixed. As a buyer / seller I am not able to find good services anymore.


Even though I am mostly selling here on Fiverr, there are a few things on my list I want to get done, and it is nearly impossible to find great sellers for the tasks, as no matter what I search for, the gigs’ rankings are completely screwed up. I am pretty sure there’s many people (including myself) who’s rather paying a higher amount for a task to a trusted person, instead of hiring many newbies to test out what can they do for me for a lower price.


Yes,I also face this issue from last 7 days, my gig was on 1st page 3rd row when you select Avg customer Review filter now I can’t see my gig, I don’t know what is happening?, new arrival gigs is on 1st page, now equation is
Top Seller=New Seller

No difference…very disappointed.


I contacted fiverr support and they said there is nothing wrong :unamused:

and bla bla bla

I will keep my ticket open till someone take some action instead keep sending ready done messages.


lets all good people talk so we can get better solutions