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Why isn't the gig price listed, the price you pay

I am brand new here. I was looking for a voice over. Something epic, something that sounded as though God himself was saying it. I was so excited when I found a particular voice over person. His listed price was $5 = 1gig/up to 50 words. My script was 27 words. When his offer came back it was 60, when I told him I didn’t need music or sound effects he sent me a new offer of $40. So, of course I asked why and he simply hasn’t replied at all.

I have not been able to locate a “report” button or any kind of help from fiverr. Is the advertised price a scam all over fiverr or have I stumbled on a bad apple? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

I’d say this one falls on the seller. You say the listed price was $5 up to 50 words and your script was 27 words. If there are no other details explaining what else may affect the pricing, then it’s reasonable to expect it to cost $5.

If the seller comes back with a higher quote, they should explain why and outline what you WOULD get for the $5. If it’s not what you want, don’t order. What you’re describing sounds like the seller doesn’t intend to offer a $5 option and is using the “quality” argument to justify it.

I honestly wouldn’t order from them. Move on. See what those other sellers posting in the thread can do.

I would say you stumbled on a bad one.

Always make sure that the seller you’ll order from is communicative. I’ve had problems with non-communicative buyers as well.

If you are sure you are ordering as advertised, then you can go ahead and order, that way he won’t get to mark it up. If the person then asked to add more to existing order (the new feature) which you think is unreasonable (for no reason at all) then it’s a bad sign.

Keep in mind that fiverr is really a cheap marketplace for talent so do understand if some sellers would mark up or add gig extras as much as possible, and if someone wanted more from gigs then they can explain it clearly like what I do with my buyers. If the person have many orders on queue they might be just busy, just wait to see what he’ll say. If nothing really, then there’s many other talents out there that might suit your needs for the budget you have.

Thanks for your reply khryzstine.

The potential seller replied today and basically his response was if you want quality you can’t get it for $5, which in reality I found hard to believe anyhow. I don’t know if it is typical to low ball and then change the price but in my mind it sours the whole fiverr experience. I understand from the sellers side too though, if he advertises a higher, more realistic price…No one would contact him so he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. It just kind of sucks. Truth be known though… I still think the price he quoted is very fair. So…

Reply to @polysteel: I think it’s very nice of you to consider the seller, BUT, it is against the Fiverr Terms of Service to not offer anything for $5. It seems from your description, the seller is clearly offering up to a 50 word script with no ‘extras’ for $5. They are obligated to actually sell what they advertise for $5. If they don’t, it’s clearly a “bait & switch” and it’s getting disgustingly rampant on Fiverr.

Every seller MUST offer a complete, base gig for $5 and then they can charge more for extras. If you proceed to order from this seller, you are literally rewarding them for breaking the ToS and encouraging more bait and switch activity.

Lying about what’s being offered to attract more customers isn’t cool and in most selling environments, it’s illegal.

I would definitely communicate your frustrations with customer support and see how they guide you with this case.

I’ll do 27 words for $5 and have it for you today! That guy obviously gives us REAL sellers a bad name and that’s all over Fiverr unfortunately. Contact me and we’ll get your work done and delivered. I won’t claim myself to be God-like, but I have a good medium/deep voice that is epic. :slight_smile:

Seriously, let me see your script and I’m sure we can do it.

DTong (Top Rated Seller)

I suspect that quite a few of these bait & switch sellers decide they can get away with charging more and then don’t want to edit their gig titles or descriptions in case it negatively affects their site ranking. I’m sure some are just too lazy as well. In any case, it’s wrong and completely against the Fiverr Terms to not provide EXACTLY what is offered for $5.

If there truly is no other determining factor that LEGITIMATELY would raise the cost beyond the $5, I would encourage buyers to report every seller who does not do what they advertise they will do for $5 or who communicates that it will cost more than advertised.