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Why isn't the message notification popup on my fiverr app appearing?

These days the message notification from my fiverr app is not showing up. Sometimes emails appear for a later duration. The worst thing is there is no message notification from the fiverr application nor is there an email about it. I just found out that there was a new message when I opened the inbox on the Fiverr application, even then I had to open messages 1 by 1 buyer account. That is really very annoying. It keeps my shoppers waiting for hours. I’m lucky she’s a very patient person and she’s a regular customer of mine.

What should I do? I’ve updated the fiverr app to the update version.


Maybe your Fiverr app notification is off. go to app setting check notification status


May I also suggest to not stress as much over slow replies? Unless the work is not of very urgent nature (and by urgent nature I mean your buyer expressed this specifically and paid for an extra fast delivery), any reasonable buyer would be fine with waiting for a few hours. You might be sleeping, you might be busy with something that requires your full attention, you might be working on other orders, it might be your day off, you might be out of network coverage. Any buyer who doesn’t understand and accept this is not a buyer you would want to work with.
And if it is really urgent and requires ongoing communication, you would be refreshing your app/browser anyway.

But yeah, check your notification settings and your battery settings as shutting fiverr down might be a part of your phone attempts to extend battery life.


Please my Apologies.
HOWEVER, I disagree.

This issue may only be specific to the account or computer / software machine(s) of @dwinasafira03 OR it maybe an error on FIVERRs’ side.

IF the later, then why can’t a company as large ( with as much exposure ), as FIVERR hire IT Support or Software Engineers / Hardware Engineer Support with adequate Quality and reliability 365 / 24 / 7 (?)


Oh I can bet it is an “error” on Fiverr’s side atleast when it comes to delay in emails, because lately I get them late too. I doubt about the app though, or atleast it would be hard to prove.
However for them to be liable for this error, they have to promise you to deliver instant and bug-free notifications. They don’t.
On the contrary, the ToS states they hold no such responsibility and we as users should be prepare to suffer any technical issues.
From technical standpoint Fiverr is funky to say the least. And I would much rather have attachments and payments that can’t go through fixed before they get to fixing anything else. But I wouldn’t hold my hopes high. There are companies much bigger than Fiverr that don’t give a damn about fixing years old bugs.
But we keep using them and will continue to do so as long as benefits outweigh the issues.


No, my fiverr app is on. It’s fine if only notifications from fiverr don’t appear but if notifications from email don’t appear that’s a problem

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From day one on Fiverr I have problems with not getting messages notifications on time.

One i even talked with client, made order, delivered, got paid, received review and then I got email notification i have message from that client.

When I am in the order page I get small notification in corner that client send a message but it is not visible in order page unless I refresh it couple of times.
Sometimes I get message notification and the dot is red but there is no message. I check and check, nothing.

So since this has been happening from day one I just decided to ignore it and accept it.

It has been reported to Fiverr 3 years ago about it.

Thank you for your advice. I agree with you. However, it will greatly affect my response time if it is a new buyer.

I also experienced it when opening fiverr on the web and also did it .

If you using Android thanbit will be some time or using iphone it will comes message the way you can check your notification States.

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